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VHF Short Range Certificate: Classroom Based Course


Places Available

This radio operator qualification authorises the holder to operate a VHF radio fitted with Digital Selective Calling on board any British vessel which is voluntarily fitted with radio equipment.


Course type: THEORY
Suggested minimum pre-course experience: None – however knowledge of the Phonetic Alphabet is desirable
Assumed knowledge: None
Course content: Use of marine radio including GMDSS. Routine, distress, urgency and safety procedures.
Ability after course: Can use a Marine VHF radio.
Minimum duration: 1 day including an exam


A        ALPHA

B        BRAVO

C        CHARLIE

D        DELTA

E        ECHO

F        FOXTROT

G        GULF

H        HOTEL

I        INDIA

J        JULIET

K        KILO

L        LIMA

M       MIKE


O        OSCAR

P         PAPA

Q       QUEBEC

R        ROMEO

S        SIERRA

T        TANGO

U        UNIFORM

V        VICTOR


X        XRAY

Y        YANKEE

Z        ZULU

Radio Operation