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Paddlesport Start Syllabus


Designed as an encouragement award, that candidates should be able to achieve in a basic starter session of about 2 hours.


The award is obtained by taking the assessment in any style of paddlesport boat including crew boats

(e.g. bell boats, katakanu, junior K2/K4 etc)


Students should be able to swim. This is desirable but not essential.

Part A – Personal Paddling Skills

A.1 Take part in a warm up

A.2 Get into and out of a boat with help from the bank

A.3 Balance in a boat ready to hold a paddle i.e. showing an active posture

A.4 Go forwards

Part B – Experiment with

B.1 Moving the boat backwards

B.2 Stopping the boat whilst moving forwards

B.3 Turning the boat

B.4 Moving the boat sideways

B.5 Going forwards in a straight line

B.6 Edging without losing balance

Part D – Theory

D.1 Know how to put your equipment away

D.2 Know what is appropriate paddlesport clothing

D.3 Know the name of your nearest club or centre

D.4 Know why it is important to wash your hands after paddling

D.5 Know the meaning of diet

D.6 Know your resting heart rate

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