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CEVNI (Euro Regs): Can be added to any other course date

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CEVNI stands for Code Européen des Voies de Navigation Intérieure. It is the code governing navigation on the interconnected European inland waterways and is the basis of the various countries’ own regulations.

Signs, rules and procedures for navigating the European inland waterways are all included within the CEVNI code and in the same way as pleasure craft on coastal waters are expected to abide by the COLREGS, pleasure craft on the inland waterways of Europe, which in places are heavily utilised by commercial traffic are expected to know and follow the CEVNI code.

Knowing and abiding by the regulations is the best way to protect yourself and your boat.

If you require an ICC valid for use on inland waters, you must learn the CEVNI code and sit the CEVNI test . The “RYA European waterways regulations (the CEVNI rules explained)” publication G17 provides the information you need to learn the code in a clear and concise way. The CEVNI test is a short multiple choice paper – a sample paper is available and this can also be found at the back of the book.

Watercraft will confirm successful completion of the test by signing the relevant section of the ICC application form – there is no separate certificate. In addition to the passing the CEVNI test, you must present a qualifying RYA practical course completion certificate or pass an ICC practical test  and be eligible to be issued with an ICC.

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