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Crew Course: Call for Dates

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RYA Course aimed at those that want to be competent and confident as crew on a Narrowboat or Cruiser

PILOT COURSE – syllabus subject to change
Inland Waterways Crew Course
For friends or family members to have a better understanding of how they can assist the helm.
Minimum age: 8
Duration: 1 day
Instructor to student ratio 1:3
Personal Safety
 the difference between life jackets and buoyancy aids
 appropriate clothing
 moving around the boat safely
 correctly fit a life jacket or buoyancy aid
 Preparation of mooring lines
 Communication and the importance of letting the helm know when they have slipped or attached the lines
 Common nautical terms
 attach fenders (if used)
 Coil a line
 Throw a mooring line
 Attach a line to a cleat, dolly or t-stud
Boat Handling
 The importance of crew communication
 Start and stop the engine
 Steer and control boat speed
Knowledge of:
 How locks work
 Tend lines in a lock
 Operate or assist in the operation of gates and paddles
Collision avoidance
Knowledge of:
 basic rules of the waterway
 Keep a look out
Emergency situations
Knowledge of:
 Problems that can happen on the inland waterways
 Preventing fire
 Their role in an emergency
 How to raise the alarm
 How to prevent MOB
 The MOB recovery procedure for their vessel
 Stop the boat
 Locate first aid kit
 Use a boat hook
Knowledge of:
 Potential impact of boating on the environment and how to minimise this
 Recycling
 How to read a waterways map

Inland Waterways